Michael Binyon

Michael Binyon, Lead Writer, The Times

Michael Binyon has been a leader-writer, columnist and foreign correspondent for The Times since 1971. For 15 yeaars he was based overseas, reporting for the paper from Moscow, Washington, Bonn and Brussels before returning to London to be Diplomatic Editor in 1991 and then becoming the chief foreign leader-writer in 2000.

After graduating from Cambridge University with a degree in English and Arabic, he spent a year teaching English in the USSR in 1967 and in 1968 began as a reporter on The Times Educational Supplement, moving to the BBC Arabic Service in 1970 and then becoming a founder reporter on The Times Higher Education Supplement in 1971. He speaks French, German, Russian and some Arabic, and is a frequent broadcaster on BBC radio and television, and appears regularly on French, German, Canadian, Swiss, Russian and Middle Eastern radio and television, as well as Al Jazeera and NBC.

A winner of two British journalism prizes, he wrote "Life in Russia" in 1983 and was awarded Britain's OBE decoration in 2000. He formally retired from The Times in November 2009, but has continued to write regularly for the paper and in other publications.