David A. Fergusson

David A. Fergusson, President, The M&A Advisor

David A. Fergusson is the President of The M&A Advisor – the world’s premier leadership organization of mergers & acquisition, restructuring and financing professionals. Headquartered in New York, Mr. Fergusson leads the M&A Advisor’s global services operations, managing the publishing, media, summit and connection services for the firm’s network of over 300,000 Mergers & Acquisitions, restructuring and financing professionals around the world.

Over his 30-year career, Mr. Fergusson has developed, acquired and managed over 40 product and service brands and companies across the North American and International markets. Prior to joining The M&A Advisor in 2010, he was a founding partner of Paradigm Partners, a small and mid cap venture capital management firm, which conducted over 25 acquisitions during Mr. Fergusson’s 15 year term. The former Managing Director of Graj + Gustavsen, one of the country’s leading brand management firms, Mr. Fergusson began his career in the entrepreneurial development and management of leading sport, lifestyle and home product brands and provided brand marketing services to Fortune 500 corporations including ATT, Citibank and Glaxo.

As the curator and host of The M&A Advisor’s exclusive thought leadership summits, Mr. Fergusson engages regularly with leading stalwarts in the finance industry, media, and government and is a contributor to industry publications and media reporting. An analyst and frequent speaker on the subject of foreign direct investment from and into emerging markets, Mr. Fergusson established M&A LINKS™ to connect cross border buyers, sellers and investment professionals. Mr. Fergusson is a graduate of the Kings Edgehill School and the University of Guelph with a BA in Political Studies.