Eugene Booysen

Head of Innovation & Co-Chief Risk Officer, Barclays Africa

Eugene is a member of the CIBW Executive Committee. He has further responsibilities on the Markets and Human Resource business EXCO's. He has direct Principal Risk ownership for Market Risk across Africa and Chairs the Market Risk Committee for Africa.

Prior to his appointment as Co-Chief Risk Officer, he was Head of Market and Operational risk for Absa Capital. He was part of Absa Management during the Barclay's acquisition and part of the integration and build out of the Absa Capital Brand. He joined the firm in 2001 as part of the Markets Trading business and went on to assume responsibility for several Head of Trading roles in Absa, Barclays Capital and Absa Capital.

Prior to joining Barclays, Eugene was a Senior Dealer at The Standard Bank of South Africa mainly focused on Derivatives and Financial Engineering.

Eugene leads Innovation across the firm and is responsible for driving the organizational mindset and culture on innovation.

In his personal capacity, he is Chair and co-owner of Ballistic Bike Trading which distributes a cycling and digital sporting equipment in South Africa for a number of globally recognised cycling and sports brands.

Eugene is an avid fly fisherman and cyclist – this tends to calm him down from intense consideration of the impact on exponential technology on life as we know it.