Peter Hain

Right Honourable Peter Hain MP

Born 1950 in Nairobi and brought up in South Africa until his anti-apartheid parents were successively jailed, banned and then forced to leave for Britain in 1966, Peter Hain later became a leader of the British Anti-Apartheid Movement.
Educated in Pretoria Boys High, Emanuel School (Battersea), he gained a first class honours degree in political science and economics at Queen Mary College (London University), and a Master of Philosophy at Sussex University.

Government experience
A Cabinet Minister for seven years and a government minister for five years 1997-2008 and 2009-10, including:
- Secretary of State for Work and Pensions
- Secretary of State for Northern Ireland
- Leader of the House of Commons
- Secretary of State for Wales
- Foreign Minister
- Europe Minister
- Energy Minister

International experience
International experience in diplomacy, negotiation and conflict resolution as British Foreign Office Minister 1999-2001 and then Europe Minister 2001-02, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland 2005-07.
Has attended and chaired meetings of the UN Security Council.
Experience of working with fellow Government Ministers in Africa, Gulf States, India, Sri Lanka, the Middle East, Europe and the USA.
Labour Government Minister from 1997 until 2008, holding posts in the Wales Office, Trade & Industry, Foreign Office, then in the Cabinet as Secretary of State for Wales, Leader of the Commons, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland and Secretary of State for the Department of Work and Pensions.
Leader of the Anti-Apartheid Movement 1969-1994, having spent childhood inSouth Africa before forced into exile.

Conflict Resolution
Northern Ireland 2005-07: negotiated an end to the ancient and bloody conflict as British Secretary of State, and produced an historic political settlement in May 2007. This involved both establishing good working relationships with all sides and being tough about deadlines and the necessity to take clear decisions.
On his watch, the IRA ended their armed campaign, de-commissioned their arsenal of weapons and Sinn Fein has signed up to support policy and the rule of law. Author of From Horror to Hope: Can Peacemaking in Northern Ireland be a model for conflict resolution worldwide?

European Treaty 2002-03: British Government representative in the Convention on the Future of Europe where negotiated agreement on a new Constitutional Treaty.
Middle East 1999-2001: as Minister of State in the Foreign Office active in support of US and British work to produce an agreement between Israelis, Palestinians and Syrians.
'Blood Diamonds' 2000-02: as Minister of State in the Foreign Office initiated and negotiated the UN international treaty banning the conflict-inducing trade in 'blood diamonds'.
Gibraltar 2001-02: as Europe Minister led historic negotiations with the Spanish Government on a co-sovereignty deal which came close to agreement.
Cyprus 2001-02: as Europe Minister involved in negotiations to get agreement between Cyprus and Turkey on a new future for Greek and Turkish Cypriots within the European Union.
Sri Lanka 2000-01: as Minister of State in the Foreign Office gave British support to the then successful Norwegian efforts to promote an end to the conflict
Africa 1999-2000: On personal terms with many African leaders, having visited 20 countries. Involved at Nelson Mandela's specific request in Burundi peace talks at Arusha; worked on Angola to defeat Savimbi's UNITA rebels.

Domestic Policy
As Energy Minister in 2001 prioritised renewable energy.
As Leader of the Commons spoke for the government on all policies in Parliament.
Drove through tough reforms in 2001 finally to deliver billions of compensation for sick miners suffering from crippling lung disease and vibration white finger.
In 2007 settled the longstanding grievance of 140,000 people robbed of their pensions when their companies went bankrupt so that they received compensation and justice.
Led the government campaign to deliver a YES vote in the 1997 referendum establishing a Welsh Assembly.