Friday, 07 February 2014 15:42

David Fergusson, President, The M&A Advisor


David Fergusson, President, The M&A Advisor

David Fergusson of The M&A Advisor told innovaBRICS & Beyond that experiences expressed by speakers in such forums should be shared to a wider audience with follow up publications and year-round engagement.

Q: How do you thing forums like innovaBRICS & Beyond contribute to business and the global economy?

I am a strong believer in the value of bringing together business leaders, political leaders and academics. I also think that the media are watching us at work each day and have great insight and experience to be able to bring to the dialogue. So opportunity to engage with the leading business leaders in a discussion about subject as important as the global economy and the relationship between developing and developed countries is tremendously crucial. I don't think that we can do enough of it right now.

Q: As a firm, what kind of activities have you been doing to interact with the global economy?

Our firm is established in New York and so our universe for the first ten years of its life was the US industry. Today, however, we are very active globally; each year we host world's premier M&A Cross Border Forum, bringing together over six hundred business, political, media and academic leaders from over 50 countries for the purpose of discussing challenges, opportunities and ultimately connecting to one another.

Q: What more do you think could be done to improve dialogue between BRICS as well as the other emerging countries?

Each of these countries has its own unique characteristics. I think what is particularly valuable today is the broad range of communication opportunities for those that have had experience in particular markets to share that experience with others. I think that is the single most important thing we can do. I applaud what you are doing with this initiative to publish the views of the speakers so that those experiences can be shared beyond the 220 people that were able to be gathered here today.

Q: How significant is it for your company to initiate and maintain dialogue between your clients?

At the core of what we do is serve the capital sources, private equity firms, corporations, advisory firms, investment banks, legal firms, accounting, consulting; all of those that help and provide service for the investment of capital domestically and internationally. So I think to that end, we want to be able to provide relevant timely information about M&A activity in any market in which its occurring. So, specific to the BRICS, most certainly the United States is really only now beginning to bear witness to the opportunities that China provides through its direct investment. Only two years ago the United States was receiving less than 4 billion dollars a year. If we look at both of our GDP and our population, this was considerably smaller and certainly disproportionate to any other country that China was investing in.

Q: Why is that?

That was a very important question, se we began that dialogue and today I can report that not only are we helping to facilitate foreign direct investment from China to United States, we are also helping to reshape the perception of the media in both countries about what can or cannot be done. There is nothing more important than initiating and maintaining a dialogue about the possible. I think innovaBRICS & Beyond brings together those people that can either make it happen or can help facilitates it.