Friday, 14 February 2014 15:33

Vitoria Nabas, Nabas Legal International Lawyers


Vitoria Nabas, Nabas Legal International Lawyers

Q: Can you please comment on Brazil's newly announced anti-bribery law? Does it represent an actual improvement from the previous situation or is it just another pointless annoyance that will soon be pushed aside?

The new enacted legislation does provide a great framework to change the Brazilian reaction towards corruption and in fact, the possibility of effective punishment coming out from it. However a good legislation does not solve all the problems. We need the Judicial System and the Police to act promptly on these issues and also the Brazilian people to keep showing their rejection of the corrupted system we were used to.

Q: Your firm advises clients from all over Latin America. In your opinion, which country has the most business-friendly legislation in the region? And the least?

It is a very difficult answer to give as the systems are very similar (all come from the Civil Code system - Napoleonic Code – France). Colombia has shown a big open to business with a great decrease on the bureaucracy and Chile also is very friendly to foreign business. In the opposite side of the business spectrum we have Venezuela and Cuba who are very difficult for business.

Q: Your company motto is "Innovation in Law and Business Services". Can you give us an example of innovative services you firm provides? More broadly, how can more innovation be fostered in the legal services industry?

Innovation in Law means the lawyers who do not think only in the question put by the client, but in the client's complete business and its challenges then offers solution before problems arise. We also offer support in culture clashes. A client can be dealing with a foreign country and needs to understand how to approach a different kind of attitude towards business. We have several qualified lawyers from different origins to support these different cultures.

Q: Speaking of innovation, some people say innovation and regulation usually go against each other due to over regulation. As a law professional who deals with regulation on a daily basis, do you agree?

Not really, we live in a very innovative system in the UK, where the ABS (Alternative Business Structure) was born. No other jurisdiction has been so traditional and innovative at the same time as the UK, and it is the proof that both can live together.

Q: In 2014, several Latin American countries will hold presidential elections, including Brazil, Colombia, Panama and Uruguay. What are you expectations for these countries in general when it comes to commercial openness and improving their attractiveness as investment destinations?

Latin America is still emerging to international business and has to catch up with other systems that have been doing international trade for much longer. The expectations are for new leadership is to have an open mind to help eliminate bureaucracy, open to international trade agreements and to do this in the most adverse circumstances.